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Listed on these pages is the complete collection of photo books on miniature railways - including book description and details on how to order where available.

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BRITISH MINIATURE RAILWAYS, By Neville R Knight, published by RailRomances, PO Box 85, Chester CH4 9ZH. ISBN 1900622025. 175pp, 175 x 242mm.

This title is a major work. The author has been photographing miniature railways up and down the country for more than thirty years. In this book he presents 277 photographs covering 112 railways from 15in down to 7¼in gauge.

The stated objective was to publish photographs of good quality, but the book is much more than a picture album, for there is much text and captions with brief histories of what is being shown. It's well researched and presented. If you're keen enough to be reading this web page you'll want a copy of this book!


STEAM ON BRITAIN'S MINIATURE RAILWAYS by Robin Butterell. Bradford Barton, 1976.

One of a long series of pictorial albums produced by this publisher during the 1970s. In this one Robin managed to get a really good selection of photographs from sources such as Bassett Lowke, the Holder family, and George Barlow. Some of these are reproduced whole page.

A bit over the top on the Ravenglass & Eskdale, I recall, but we will excuse this. A really good photo album.



MINIATURE RAILWAYS PAST & PRESENT by Anthony J Lambert. David & Charles, 1982.

A competent photograph album of miniature railways both current (then) and historical, written by my predecessor as Editor of the Heywood Society Journal. There's also a lot of information in the extended photograph captions.



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