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Listed on these pages is the complete collection of magazines on, or featuring, miniature railways - including descriptions and details on how to order where available.

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THE HEYWOOD SOCIETY JOURNAL published by the Heywood Society (Bi-Annual)
Price: £5 per issue , 48 pages. 148 x 210mm.

Chapters cover shapes and sizes, gauges, civil engineering, locomotives and rolling stock, then operating systems and signalling. Finally there is a brief 2002 gazetteer.

In a short book like this nothing is covered in detail, but everything is touched upon, and there are frequent insights which could only have been written from first hand experience. The photographs are equally remarkable, covering all eras, and most in colour. All in all a grand title which surely achieves all it sets out to do.



MINIATURE RAILWAY MAGAZINE edited and published by David Henshaw (3 Yearly)
Price: £2.50 per issue, 48 pages. 148 x 210mm.

Miniature Railway is a colour A5 magazine covering all gauges from 3.5-inch to 24-inch, with special emphasis on 5-inch to 10.25-inch gauge lines.

The theme is generally about miniature lines and locomotives, but narrow gauge lines and others operating on broadly Heywood principals up to 15-inch are also covered.

Miniature Railway also publishes a map showing the position of most British miniature lines.



7¼" GAUGE NEWS published by the 7¼in Gauge Society (Quarterly)
Price: Included in Society Membership of £25 per year - 48 pages.

A5 format with regular colour photographs, this has a regular diet of product news and practical articles.




NARROW GAUGE NEWS & THE NARROW GAUGE published six times a year by Narrow Gauge Railway Society
Price: Included in Society Membership of £27.00 per year (£22.00 E-Membership) - 48 pages.

This well produced A4 format magazine includes a section in each issue devoted to miniature railways, provided by the Miniature Railway Records Officer, David Nicholson.

Other sections are devoted to narrow gauge lines, and events overseas.

The NGRS also publish THE NARROW GAUGE four times a year, which has longer and historical articles.


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