The Little Giant Bassett-Lowkes at the Reedley Railfest 2009

The Reedley Railfest is an annual event held at the Hillcrest and Wahtoke Railroad in California.

One of the star attractions at the event in October 2009, were Bassett Lowke Class 10 'George the Fifth' and Class 20 'Princess Elizabeth' who are owned by Francis Ford Coppola, the award-winning director.

The two historic steam locomotives, which were bought at auction in 2000, from the Steamtown Miniature Railway at Carnforth, along with diesels 'Royal Anchor' and 'Doctor Diesel', were on display for the public to view.

Princess Elizabeth has been mechanically restored by Hillcrest Shops, and was in steam at the event with George the Fifth is due to be mechanically restored in due course.

With the recent emergence of these two locomotives, and Class 10 'Mighty Atom' at the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway, there has been much interest in the Bassett-Lowke locomotives, and so much so, the 'Little Giant Story' written by Robin Butterell and John Milner about the Little Giants only 11 years ago, is rarely seen for sale, for under £100.

For more details on the event, and the locomotives, we strongly recommend you subscribe for the Grand Scale Quarterly, a magazine published by Greg and Susan Robinson, who also produce DVD's and the 7+ Railroader magazine - all of which will be of interest to miniature railway enthusiasts.

With Thanks to Greg & Susan Robinson for information and photos, and Greg Anderson for photo of the two locomotives (right) in steam at Steamtown in 2000.


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