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Agnew Park Miniature Railway 7 ¼ inch

Agnew Park Miniature Railway first opened in 1997 and is situated at the busy sea port of Stranraer. Journeys start at the Pavilion, where cafe' and toilets are located, and passes the childrens play area before travelling around the square area enclosing the mini race car track running through a wooded area before passing over a level crossing and joining the boat jetty at the fresh water lake. Turning left it borders the lake to yet another level crossing before turning right on the south side of the lake where it passes the putting green on a long straight. Negotiating the third level crossing then looping left away from the lake before swinging around the crazy golf area and rose gardens where it turns right past the turn table and along beside the engine and boat sheds where it passes over directional points and returns around the lake to the pavilion. The petrol ocomotive pulls 3 carriages that can accommodate 25 passengers.

Address: Agnew Park, Sea Front, Stranraer, Dumfries & Galloway
Telephone: 01776 702151
Operator: Dumfries & Galloway Council
Line Length: 800yd Dumb-Bell
First opened: 1997

Website: Agnew Park Miniature Railway Website




Opening Times: Daily during the School Summer Holidays from 11am to 5pm, every 15 minutes

Fares: Adults £1.65 Children 90p.

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